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Honoring Our Heroes!

by Mary Gilbert

51 SW Hart Avenue: Beautifully Updated Home on Corner Lot!

by Mary Gilbert

Roseburg OR Real Estate For Sale
51 SW Hart Avenue, Winston, OR  97496

Beautifully updated 3 bedroom home on a spacious corner lot in the lovely South Slopes neighborhood. Step inside to a sun drenched, open layout perfect for entertaining and family function. Gleaming hardwood floors, a toasty wood burning fireplace and large picture window with front yard views make this living room a comfortable space for everyday living. The modern kitchen is outfitted with a tile backsplash, stylish black cabinetry, stainless appliances and plenty of counter space for all your meal prep. A dining nook with sliding doors to the patio make it easy to enjoy indoor and outdoor entertaining options. All three bedrooms are ample in size, feature hardwood flooring, provide plentiful closet space and share an updated full bath with tiled tub/shower. Cabinetry and counterspace, plus a built in ironing board help you keep things tidy and organized in the large laundry room. Enjoy plenty of parking in front of the home and at the rear with room for RV parking! An attached storage with garage door is perfect for all your tools and toys, plus a newer storage shed! There is so much to love at 51 SW Hart Avenue – you simply have to come take a look!

Mary Gilbert, Licensed Realtor in Oregon has distinguished herself as a leader in the Roseburg OR real estate market. Mary assists buyers looking for Roseburg OR real estate for sale and aggressively markets Roseburg OR homes for sale. 

Mary, Licensed Realtor in Oregon brings with her a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Roseburg OR home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why her clients benefit from her unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future –Mary Gilbert of Keller Williams Realty Umpqua Valley will help make the most of your Roseburg OR real estate experience. Give her a call today, 541-371-5500, and discover the difference she can make during your family's move.

Visit the Butterfly Pavilion for its season opener at the Elkton Community Education Center. The ECEC has operated a popular butterfly pavilion for 13 years to teach people about the life cycle and habitat needs of native butterflies in the Umpqua River Valley.  More than 4,000 people visit each year.  Come and join us for our opening day!

For more information call: 541-584-2692

Event Website

Elkton Community Education Center
15850 State Highway 38
Elkton, OR 97436

Courtesy of The Mary Gilbert Group

Photo Credit:

632 SE Garden Way Drive: Brand New Legacy Acres Home!

by Mary Gilbert

Roseburg OR Real Estate For Sale
632 SE Garden Way Drive, Winston, OR  97496

Be the first to live in this BRAND NEW attractive one-level home with upgraded features! Located in lovely Legacy Acres, this 3 bedroom, 2 full bath ranch is outfitted with easy care wood laminate flooring, high ceilings, gourmet kitchen, neutral paint colors, modern fixtures and recessed lighting all in an effortlessly flowing floor plan! Natural light fills the living room through the large windows creating a comfortable space for everyday living and family function. Glistening granite counters, stainless steel appliances, an abundance of cabinetry and an eating bar highlight this trendy kitchen. Sliding doors in the sun drenched dining area lead to a spacious deck for outdoor living, grillin’ and chillin’. The open layout is perfect for entertaining inside and out! Plush carpeting, a walk in closet and private bath make this master suite a delightful retreat. Two secondary bedrooms and a full bath are generously sized providing room for a growing family or guests. Keep things organized and tidy in the large laundry room with durable tile floors. An attached 2 car garage is perfect for vehicle and equipment storage. Beautiful front landscaping is included. Pack your bags and come on over, we are sure you will want to stay!

Mary Gilbert, Licensed Realtor in Oregon has distinguished herself as a leader in the Roseburg OR real estate market. Mary assists buyers looking for Roseburg OR real estate for sale and aggressively markets Roseburg OR homes for sale. 

Mary, Licensed Realtor in Oregon brings with her a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Roseburg OR home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why her clients benefit from her unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future –Mary Gilbert of Keller Williams Realty Umpqua Valley will help make the most of your Roseburg OR real estate experience. Give her a call today, 541-371-5500, and discover the difference she can make during your family's move.

Smart Windows Are Here: What You Need to Know

by Mary Gilbert

Everything’s getting smarter these days. Everything. Not only are smart appliances, smart outlets, smart light bulbs and smart TVs gaining traction, smart windows are all the rage among the techy types. They can also be a really useful part of your home automation setup.

They’re not for everybody and there are differences in what various types can do, though, so pay attention and research the windows of your dreams well before you choose one for your home.

How Do You Make a Window Smart?

There are actually several different types of windows currently using the moniker “smart.” Some, like those produced by Marvin, are simply regular windows fitted with smart locks at the factory. There’s little else that they do than a traditional window doesn’t besides let you know that you left the kitchen window unlocked.

If this is a concern because you have a child that might climb out a window or a teenager known to slip out of the house that way, this might be a solution for you, but it’s hardly touching what other smart windows can do.

Some of them can generate their own electricity. Who’s smart now?

Smart Homes Made Smarter With Smarter Windows?

There are many of the mindset that we’ve all gone a little wild with the “smart” stuff in our homes. Who really needs a smart toaster? Or a microwave that you can turn on with Alexa? What’s the point of smart switches when you have a smart light bulb?

There are so many questions. But the truth is that smart windows can have a big impact on your living space and your happiness. The smart windows with lock sensors can make it easier to sleep at night, which is always great, but other smart windows can literally change the feel of the room, no matter what time of day.

Before you run out to buy yourself some fancy smart windows, keep these items in mind:

  • Energy efficiency is a big part of many designs. Lots of smart windows are designed to help you get the most out of your utility dollars. Many can change color based on different environmental factors, like bright sunlight or especially dark days. This way, your home stays reasonably easy to heat and cool and you can have lots of big windows without lots of big curtains.
  • Smart Windows can do lots of different things. The fact that a smart window can simply be a window with a smart lock or a window that changes tint to help keep your utility bills low is only the beginning. Smart windows can also double as solar panels. It’s true!
  • They’re not cheap, but that’s not the point. The smartest of the smart windows may come in at around $1,000, making a whole home window refit unbelievably expensive, but that’s not really the point at this time. Right now, the “cool” factor and their ability to save energy are really what buyers are getting out of these advanced windows with their connected features. Early adopters make it possible for these kinds of technologies to fall in price over time, opening up the market even wider.

For homeowners interested in smart windows that have responsive glass but terrified of their price tags, it might make sense to put the windows in rooms that get extra hot or cold (just be sure to match the style of the windows in the rest of your house), rather than doing a whole home install that can become hugely cost-prohibitive.


Contact The Mary Gilbert Group for ALL your Real Estate needs! 541.371.5500 or


By: Homekeepr, Rob Morelli

Raising the Roof: Can You Lay New Shingles Over Old?

by Mary Gilbert

A house is more than just four walls and a roof. However, when your roof springs a leak, shingles start to blow away or age has just gotten the best of it, all you’re thinking about is that darn roof. You may ask yourself a few very serious questions, like “how am I going to pay for this?” and “what are my least expensive options?”


Pros and Cons of Re-roofing Your Home

First, a few terms to clarify any confusion. “Re-roofing” is a term that specifically applies to homes that have one or more layers of existing shingles and then have another one added to the pile. A roofing job that starts by removing all the old shingles is a “tear off.”

Homes are re-roofed every single day. There are plenty out there with several layers of shingles and the roof still functions more or less just fine. The houses underneath aren’t buckling, so it’s all good, right? Depends on the situation. This is a short list of pros and cons for choosing a re-roofing job:

  • Pro: Easier than a tear off. Re-roofing literally consists of climbing on the roof and putting new shingles on top of whatever is there. Instead of the ripping, tearing and banging lasting days, a re-roof is done in a fraction of the time because it’s so much less complicated.
  • Con: Re-roofing can cover up major roofing defects. Tear offs are more involved, it’s true, but by removing all the old shingles, your roofer can more easily locate defects and replace decking that’s been water damaged. This is also a good time to correct problems like incorrectly installed drip edge and to flash chimneys, exhaust vents and other vulnerable areas.
  • Pro: You can save a lot of money. Less labor generally means less cost, and it certainly applies to a re-roofing job. You won’t need to pay for removal and disposal of your old shingles because they’re not going anywhere and the lower number of man hours keeps cost way down.
  • Con: Your new shingles will likely not last as long as promised. Although some people claim that your roof will be just fine with an extra layer, the truth is that the only time that really applies is when the shingles below are perfectly flat, and even then they will likely have a shorter lifespan than shingles that are part of a tear off job. The extra layers of asphalt (that stuff they fill potholes with is also what the majority of shingles are made of) cause the roof to get hotter than it would with just one layer, breaking down both old and new shingles faster. Some roofers assert that layered shingles have life spans shortened by as much as 40 percent.

Subtle Issues to Complicate Things

When you need shingles for your roof, it’s best to get several quotes from different roofers. They’re going to give you the best idea about what is possible with the budget that you have. Because you can often lay other roof types over an intact asphalt shingle layer (for example, a metal roof over an asphalt one) without issue, it could be cheaper to go that route and avoid a tear-off entirely. But, this is only something your expert can tell you for sure.

Other things to consider when pondering the re-roofing issue include:

  • Resale potential. A house that has a lumpy roof is going to catch a lot of attention, even if that lumpy roof is brand new. It’s also going to show up on the inspection report, causing jittery buyers to run the other way. You might then be forced to settle for less for your home to simply be able to move on.
  • Local building codes. Many municipalities have building and fire codes that address shingles and the layers allowed. Generally two are permitted before a tear off is required. This isn’t because your local government is evil, it’s a safety issue for you and your home. Houses aren’t really built to support thousands upon thousands of pounds of shingles. Oh, and extra shingle layers can pose a serious hazard should a fire break out.
  • Glossing over serious damage. Re-roofing can sometimes turn into a bandage on an infected wound. There’s damage under the surface, but you can’t tell from all indicators. Even when roofers walk the roof looking for soft spots, they’re not stepping on each square inch, nor are they going to be able to tell that an area that still has some amount of integrity is badly damaged and will rot through in the near future. What you end up doing is covering up decking that could be bad or tar paper that’s shot (it helps protect your roof decking from water).


Contact the professionals on The Mary Gilbert Group for ALL your Real Estate needs! 541.371.5500 or


By: Homekeepr, Saro Cutri

2461 Moorea Drive: Custom Built Home with Stunning Views!

by Mary Gilbert

Roseburg OR Real Estate For Sale
2461 Moorea Drive, Roseburg, OR  97471

This ridge-top estate is a MUST SEE with stunning views from every window! Custom built with a private, gated entrance, 2461 Moorea Drive is loaded with desirable features… soaring high ceilings, a remodeled kitchen, gleaming hardwood floors, two master suites, an attached 3 car garage, 10+ acres and did we mention those views?!  A high, wood-paneled ceiling, wood burning fireplace and plush carpeting create a relaxing atmosphere in the living room. The spacious dining room is big enough for all your formal gatherings, but cozy enough for casual family meals. Flowing into the stylish modern kitchen, the chef in the family will appreciate the large center island, glistening granite countertops, new appliances and an abundance of crisp, white cabinetry. Four generously sized bedrooms, including your choice of two master suites with adjoining baths, all enjoy a walkout balcony! The property features two out buildings, one which is a green house, plus the three car garage has one bay large enough for an RV. Perfect for all your tools, toys and hobbies. Offering so many special elements, you will want to make this Roseburg OR home your own!

Mary Gilbert, Licensed Realtor in Oregon has distinguished herself as a leader in the Roseburg OR real estate market. Mary assists buyers looking for Roseburg OR real estate for sale and aggressively markets Roseburg OR homes for sale. 

Mary, Licensed Realtor in Oregon brings with her a keen eye for the details of buying or selling a Roseburg OR home and seemingly boundless determination and energy, which is why her clients benefit from her unique brand of real estate service. Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future –Mary Gilbert of Keller Williams Realty Umpqua Valley will help make the most of your Roseburg OR real estate experience. Give her a call today, 541-371-5500, and discover the difference she can make during your family's move.

Breaking the Rules of Home Decorating

by Mary Gilbert

Decorating is the most personal way to express yourself in your home, and sometimes, when you want to try something different--something that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere on the list of design rules--it may be tempting to go with the flow, despite
 what you want to do.  Get design-rebellious with these tips: 



  • - Small room?  It doesn’t have to be a neutral color!  Go bold but create balance with open shelving or smaller furnishings. 

  • - We’re told not to stick with one color in a room, but going monochrome creates a bold, dramatic statement. 

  • - Your ceilings can be considered another wall when it comes to color.  Just remember to keep the walls a neutral color and get samples to paint on the ceiling before you commit to it. 

  • - Trim doesn’t have to be white!  Use high-gloss black for drama, stain that complements wood flooring, or neutrals for a modern twist on a traditional look. 



  • - If the metal finish on your kitchen light fixture doesn’t match the drawer pulls, it’s fine! Mixing metals is perfectly acceptable, and check out this article from the Invaluable blog for inspiration! 

  • - Wood finishes don’t have to be the same throughout the house; create dimension with different stain colors, adding depth to a room or the whole house. 

  • - Who said tile is only for kitchens and bathrooms? Create an accent wall with tile in any room.  Be inspired by using the HGTV photo library search for whatever room you have in mind and add “wile tall” to the search term.   

  • - Speaking of kitchen tile, why not use wallpaper for your backsplash?  Protect it from splashes and oils with mounted plexiglass or a sealant made especially for sealing wallpaper. 


Furnishings and Accessories 

  • - Furniture stores have us fooled into thinking that our furniture sets must match, and this logic applies to even pieces like dining chairs. Mixing styles adds interest. 

  • - Mixing more than two patterns can be scary, so start small with accessories in bold patterns that are easily changed.  Staying in the same color family with your patterns will made this decision less daunting. 

  • - If you’d like to add some natural pieces to your space but don’t have a green thumb, then don’t be ashamed to use artificial plants!   

  • - It’s tempting to just scoot furniture to the wall and leave it because you want to follow symmetry.  Go diagonal!  Check out the difference a rearrangement can make by placing the sofa at a slant and give it a try in your living room! 


Not all rules of design should be broken, and there are likely rules that tell us why going against the norm with our personal decorating has a great result.  If you want to do something different, try it--you may like it! 


Contact the experts on The Mary Gilbert Group for all your Real Estate needs! 541.371.5500 or 

Photo credit: DIY Network

Exploring Roseburg Oregon: Brew HaHa Craft Beer Fest

by Mary Gilbert

Saturday, May 18, 2019 - 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Join us for the annual fundraising Brew HaHa even at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  The festival will feature craft beer from local Roseburg breweries. There will be beer and wine tastings with our wonderful off-duty Local 2091 Douglas County Professional Firefighters and Local 1110 Roseburg Professional Firefighters, and members of Douglas County Fire Dist. No. 2 doing the serving.  Enjoy live music, games, food, and fun! 

Proceeds from the 2019 Brew HaHa will go to benefit the Treven Anspach Memorial Fund.

This event is for those 21 and over.

$12 Tasting Glass & 4 Taste Ticket

Douglas County Fairgrounds
2110 Frear St.
Roseburg, OR

Event Website

Courtesy of The Mary Gilbert Group

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Should You Skip the Starter Home and Buy a Forever Home?

by Mary Gilbert

If you're out there shopping for your first home, you might swoon over that four-bedroom Colonial and imagine growing old there—but wait a minute! Sure, you might be jonesing to put down permanent roots, but your bank account and life circumstances might beg to differ.

Nonetheless, a trend has emerged, particularly among younger millennial buyers: More and more are forgoing the traditional starter home, typically defined as one or two bedrooms, which most home buyers stay in for about five years before trading up. Instead, they are going right for that dream home, which is usually larger and boasts fancier finishes, an appealing location, and other amenities—with the commensurate higher price tag.

In fact, according to Census Bureau data analyzed by Ralph McLaughlin, chief economist of Veritas Urbis Economics, from 2012 to 2016, nearly a third of buyers aged 33 to 37 bought four-bedroom homes (aka forever homes) compared with about 24% in that age group who bought similar homes in 1980, 1990, and 2000.

But is bypassing starter homes and falling straight into the roomy environs of forever homes a good idea? Consider these questions that can help you determine which type of purchase might make more sense for you.

Can you afford a forever home?

Reality check: The picture of the poor, underemployed millennial is not entirely accurate.

“Many have been in co-living situations for years, whether that’s the childhood basement or living with friends, and they've been socking their money away,” says Laura Brodniak of Windermere Real Estate in Kirkland, WA.

In addition, many in this age group have larger down payments since they have waited longer to buy than previous generations, or in many cases their parents are helping them with funds for the down payment.

However, remember that buying at the edge of your budget can cause you to be "house poor," not only because your monthly payment is so large but also because a larger house can require more upkeep—not to mention more furniture.

It’s important to take an honest look at your maximum buying power and see how stretching yourself could negatively affect other aspects of your lifestyle, from enjoying weekly brunch to an annual getaway.

Is your life adequately settled for a forever home?

If you’re still in your first job and haven’t yet made plans for kids, you might want to consider that you’re still in the “starter” phase of your life, and therefore more suited to a starter home.

While of course no one can predict the future (even if you seem settled), by their very nature your younger years often have more volatile changes, and buying a starter home gives you some wiggle room for those unexpected curveballs.

Take it from Julie Gurner, a real estate analyst at, who has already owned three homes due to changing life circumstances.

“I’d advise anyone who would consider moving for an exciting career development to only commit to a starter home,” she says. Not only is it easier to sell, but you’re less likely to become attached to the property, she notes, which could be a mental roadblock to taking an opportunity you might otherwise pursue.

Do you even know what you want in a home?

Someone who has never lived in a house of their own might have unrealistic expectations of what they do and don’t want, cautions Alison Bernstein of the Suburban Jungle Realty Group, in New York.

“You may realize that you definitely need that two-car garage because you are tired of scraping snow and ice off your car before work every morning," the residential real estate expert explains. "Or you may not know yet that you don't really need a basement after all, because no one likes being down there away from the action."

Or, even worse, you might realize that homeownership isn’t for you at all, whether it’s the constant yardwork that’s killing you or the fact that every spare dime goes to property tax. Consider your starter home your opportunity to try out different home amenities and layouts so you get it right when it’s finally time to get that dream home.

Is there a compromise that could be the best of both worlds?

For most of us, life does change, and very few people stay in their home for 30-plus years anymore. However, you might want to remain in the same town.

“Once you pick a town, you become vested in the community, the neighbors, and the schools, and your children become settled,” Bernstein points out. “It is a very high bar to move out of the town and much more practical, if need be, to find a new home there that better suits your lifestyle as you and your family grow.”

That’s why Shawn Kunkler of Paragon Real Estate Group in San Francisco recommends finding a starter home in your forever town.

"Then, when your needs change, you can buy up," he says. In fact, Kunkler finds that for some clients, this strategy can cycle a couple of times as their lives continue to evolve before they find themselves in their forever home.

“I remind first-time buyers that their taste and needs are likely to change, as will their income and family size," Kunkler says. "What is important today in a home may not be in the decades to come.”

The Mary Gilbert Group can help you find your new home! Call us today at 541.371.5500!

By:, Cathie Ericson

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